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joi, 21 ianuarie 2010

Hi everyone.

I just want to tell you about my trip to Köln .
I went last september and since I didn't visit anything else lately, I was thinking I can write about my Köln experience. Let me tell you, the city is simply gorges. I flied with Wizz air from Timisoara to Dortmund and from there I took the train. The journey was fantastic ... beautiful blue sky and the Alps with snow could be seen from the plane.
When I arrived there, the train-station was impressive. Big, nice, modern, pretty clean, filled with stores and coffee houses. When you step out of the train-station, the big cathedral steps into your view. It is a very impressive cathedral, finished in 1880, with a height of 157m. If you go up into the cathedral's tower you can have a magnificent panorama of the city. But when you stand near this huge building, you seem so small...
Behind the cathedral there is a large square and a big museum. And from there you can easily walk to the Rhein river with it's beautiful parks along it.
It is so nice to experience a beautiful sunny Sunday morning in one of Köln's coffee houses near the Rhein river, to climb up in the cathedral's tower, to walk all the way to the Botanical Garden, and then to cross the river with the cable car to take a walk through the beautiful Rheine Park and then, by sunset, to cross again the river on the Hohenzollern bridge and to see the hundreds of locks that are tied up to the bridge's fence.

I like the city, it's very surprising. You should also visit it.
Till the next time, enjoy the pictures.
Auf wiedersehen!

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