A day in Istanbul

luni, 15 februarie 2010

Sunday, 8 AM. I wake up, wash my teeth and go on beach. Lovely ... the sun was up in the sky already and the sea had some waves. I walked along the sunny beach for half an hour and then I head back to the hotel for the breakfast.

After the breakfast me and my colleague Feri planed a trip to Istanbul, so around 11:30 we were already in the big  city. We parked the car in a parking lot near Bosporus and our next target was Hagia Sophia. To get there we passed through a nice park:


After a 10 minute walk we got to our first visiting point - Hagia Sophia
The entrance fee is 20 Lira which is around 10 euros, but the experience is worth the price. It's amazing how two cultures met in the same church. There are orthodox images as well as muslim.

After Hagia Sophia, next stop was the blue mosque which is face to face with the first one.
We could not get in in this one because it was closed for praying. So we continued our way to the Grand Bazaar.
Most of the stores in Bazaar were closed, but where it was opened it was very crowded and noisy. I liked the part with the stores with turkish delight and condiments. I even bought some to have home. I was happy to find mint since in Romania is very hard to find. It was nice that the salesmen even gave us some turkish delight to taste.
It was late so we went to a restaurant to eat. After we payed 8 lira extra for bread that we did not ate and water that we did not drink and service ... we got back home.
It was a nice way to spend our sunday but it was also a very tiring one.

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