A horrible flight to Turkey

marți, 2 februarie 2010

So... yesterday afternoon I begun my trip to Istanbul.All nice till I got to the airport. At 14:15 I had my flight from Timisoara to Bucharest. An 2 hours later the one from Bucharest till Istanbul. The first flight was delayed with almost 45 minutes, but luckily I had time to catch the second one. After a calm flight above Romania's Carpathian Mountains,  we arrived safely on Otopeni Airport. The flight was internal so I had to go all the way to the other part of the long building to find the international gates. I run on the corridors asking people and finally I arrived at gate number 6 were to flight attendees said: 'The Istanbul flight was moved downstairs' .... Cool ... now I have to find the new gate. I run down on the stairs and there it was... flight to Istanbul. Just 3 minutes before boarding. Ok, so I got in the plane and next to me was a nice lady with 2 beautiful girls and one little boy flying to Australia ... they were making 2 stops till destination. All was ok till we approach to Istanbul. There was a storm above Black sea and I got plane sick ... it was horrible. All I wanted then was that the plain stops, lands ... but... finally ... after a 40 minutes trip above Istanbul, we got the permission to land. I threw up at destination but everything was fine in the end. The... I run to get my baggage because Cata was already waiting for me for an hour when I arrived at the passport booth... and it was full ... I staid there almost half an hour. Luckily my baggage arrived also in the same plane with me. And in the end all was fine. But... in three weeks I have to go back so I hope I won't have this bad experience again. 
Oh yeah ... did I tell you that I was traveling with Tarom company? :D

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R. Mihai spunea...

am stat si noi minute bune in aer deasupra Tangerului(Maroc) din cauza furtunii.
apoi la intoarcere am aterizat de urgenta undeva in Italia ca-i venise unuia rau (ceva astm parca)rezultand o intarziere de ~2 ore. deci se poate intampla la orice companie :)

MSJI spunea...

E bine sa lasi minim 2h30m intre doua zboruri.
Ce norocoasa ai fost, din pacate eu n-am avut parte de turbulente serioase pana acum.
In general Taromul e o companie buna. N-au legatura turbulentele cu numele companiei.