Venice ... Just Venice

miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010

I know ... I am terribly late with this post, but I didn't finished it till now so here it is: the story of our trip to Venice.

In January we thought: "Why not go to Venice in April after Easter?"... Hmm... Yeah ... why not? So we bought plane tickets and did reservations to a hotel. And it was the four of us (me, Cosmin, Ramonici and Raul) who were getting on a Wizz plane on 7th of april and were flying to ... Venice.
The weather was just lovely. The flight was ok. We arrived in Treviso Airport after 1 hour and 45 minutes. The bus to Venice was waiting for us. We arrived in Venice after a 30 minutes trip with the bus.
The Venice is just lovely in april. No smell, not so hot ... just perfect for 4 days of rambling around the city on water. And just like a little english boy said one day on the boat: "Venice is about water, and buildings, and narrow streets, and water". I don't want to bore you with words so I will show you some pictures from our journey.
We spent the fist day on Venice main island searching for narrow streets and quite places. The second day was on the Murano island  wandering through the glass shops. The third day was dedicated to the little Burano island - very beautiful place, very quite, collored and unique I would say. The fourth day was biking around Lido di Venezia island.

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